About Us

Tripitaca is derived from the term TRIPITAKA, which means three baskets; the three baskets represent our core values;

Empathy; We've worked in the business as hosts, hoteliers, and are travelers, and we solve and handle problems from a place of empathy because we can empathize. We understand your concerns, and with every decision we make or feature we design, we put ourselves in your shoes first.

Control; The biggest challenge with all booking platforms is that we have no control over which page our listings appear on. With us, we want to give you control, we will notify you when travelers are coming to your area so you can reach out to them regardless of the page number your listing is placed on, and for travelers, we don't want you to settle on one property, you can choose up to 5 properties you like and receive offers from their respective owners, with us, everyone finally has the power of choice.

Belonging; We believe that when our hosts and hotels make an offer to our visitors or create a package precisely tailored to their needs, the travelers experience a sense of belonging, and there is no greater feeling than feeling wanted, welcomed, and appreciated in a foreign place that is not your home.

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(Since October 2021)